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Version: 0.18.1

AskUI on macOS



Some users have reported instability running AskUI on macOS with external displays and/or virtual desktops (called Spaces). If you experience similar issues, please disconnect external displays and close virtual desktops, or see documentation on running AskUI in Docker.

Access Token

As we need to prevent misuse of our API, we need you to create some credentials through our AskUI Studio (for free).

Please sign up for a 7-day free trial.


Open a directory where you would like to place the AskUI setup and run this command. The command will ask you a few questions on how to customize your setup. If you are unsure which value to select press the Enter-key to select the default value. Also keep your workspace id and your access token ready which you created just before (We hope so 😉).

npx askui@latest init