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Version: 0.18.1

Enterprise Checklist

If you want to get started with AskUI in an enterprise environment you will experience challenges unique to your company. This checklist will give you everything that AskUI needs and guidance on how to resolve upcoming errors. If you are not familiar with setting this up we strongly suggest getting someone from your IT department involved who knows how the network in your company works.

Common problems you may run into:

  • Network: You need to use a proxy for internet access.
  • Permissions: Your machine does not have the necessary permissions.
  • Software needed: AskUI needs Node.js and Python and to install dependencies.

On Windows please use the PowerShell all the time.


This is often a tricky one. So if you experience problems installing AskUI that suggests the problem is missing internet access:

Software Needed


Install Node.js from the official download page.

Open a terminal (Windows: PowerShell) and run the following commands to check if you have the correct versions of node and npm installed:

  • node --version
  • npm --version


Python 3.10 or higher needs to be installed. Open a terminal (Windows: PowerShell) and run python --version to check if you have the correct version.


When you want to use the AskUI Runner you will create a virtual environment.

Install Dependencies

You will probably have to install dependencies like node-packages over a company's internal repository management system like Artifactory.

  • Find out how to set up Node.js and Python for your internal repository management system. Consult your IT department if necessary.
  • Check our [proxy troubleshooting page for AskUI-specific guidance on how to set up the proxy for Node.js.


The AskUI Controller needs permissions for screen recording and accessibility features to control your machine like a human. Follow the instructions for your operating system.